Singapore couple holds first hybrid real-life and digital wedding in metaverse

A wedding made in the metaverse. A Singapore couple tied the knot at a local hotel, while their avatars did the same in the metaverse at The Alkaff Mansion. They are calling it Singapore’s first hybrid metaverse wedding. The distinctive architecture of the venue was recreated from 3D scans. Avatars of the bride Joanne Tham and groom Clarence Chan walked down the aisle in their 1970s disco-themed wedding. The experience was put together by the owners of Alkaff Mansion 1-Group and The Smobler Studios.
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  1. Can imagine all weddings for Singaporeans need not have guests to attend weddings, no eating of food involved and no yum seng in reality. Everything in the fantasy world and we just imagine ourselves enjoying too by watching. But don't forget the ang baos in cold hard cash!

  2. Facts! Singapore, every year, the divorce rate rises, so this marriage which actually like a big joke, is a good thing cause it doesn’t waste their money as much!

  3. I live in China. Everything is miserable here, but no one dares to complain.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China..

  4. Adversary's/Almighty's Agenda:
    Man's Dateline—-
    Step 1: Mandates
    Step 2: Rapture This Year??
    Step 3: Antichrist
    Step 4: Destruction
    Step 5: Second Coming
    Step 6: Judgment
    Step 7: Re-Creation
    Step 8: Born-again Live Happily Ever After!!

  5. In the New World Order, you don't own anything. Since you don't own anything and can't really afford anything material the best way to fulfill your wish to get married is to pretend that you really got married in the Metaverse. Welcome to Aldous Huxley Brave New World.

  6. LGBTQ members must not accept that their right to union as an impossible notion. Instead of using the metaverse as an escape, organize yourselves and form a large and formidable association fighting for LGBTQ rights. If necessary, form your own political party championing LGBTQ rights and run against PAP. Do not let the PAP and their conservative base deter you from achieving your constitutional rights and live free and happily in Singapore.

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  8. HAHAHHA IN MY MIND “SO OBVIOUS SHE DIDNT GIVE AN F ABOUT IT HAHAHHA. BUT THE GUY JUST ACTING LEVEL 9000 HAHAHAHAH CORK SIA” Come on la get real .. metaverse experience .. why not you don’t have real babies just have babies in the metaverse .. it’s obvious and understandable by majority that this experience is nothing to be excited about… You know you don’t need metaverse right ? Just boot up a year 2000 laptop open SIMs LOL maybe do a SIMs ONLINE. DONE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. One-third of Singaporeans speak Mandarin. Majority of them are from freedom-loving nation, Taiwan 🇹🇼 not China.
    Of those from China, most have negative impression about the authoritarian surveillance regime.

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