The Metaverse Is Killing Facebook…

Facebook is betting too hard on the metaverse working out, and it’s killing their company.
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  1. When Microsoft knows that you only need a smartphone to integrate into a Metaverse, and pushes for it instead of VR tech, you know something is wrong.

  2. Maybe they should focus more on the Oculus headset by investing in studios that make cool games exclusively for Oculus

  3. Bro, they deadass lost $700 BILLION in their value because of the metaverse. That's literally just a little bit higher than Saudi Arabia's GDP back in 2017, which should ring you some SERIOUS alarm bells.

  4. Facebook was a one hit wonder. Right place, right time. Zuck hasn’t created anything successful since, and he probably never will.

  5. Not only I hope Facebook and Mark go bankrupt, but I also wish Cancervision/Shitzzard close their doors. Man, that would be a happy day!

  6. Unless Meta releases a headset that's actually decent for $49.99 or less, then I don't think that they understand what type of person uses Facebook…

  7. When you play zenyatta keep your orb of harmony on someone constantly, even if its not your tank just throw it on.

  8. They Didn't Believe In Jesus Either!!! Just Wait Till They Release 32 bit character models Who Have 3 Selectable Instagram Branded Colored Shirts!!!

  9. The oculus quest is good but I don’t want to spend more than like two hours at most in vr tbh. Like I feel played job simulator the other day and that was all I could stand was a few hours. The oculus quest 2 is good because it is cheap tho and doesn’t have to be hooked up to anything external devices. I like beat saber a lot and that is the only thing I find myself returning to it for, because it’s my only physically demanding game and I’ve lost weight playing it.

  10. If you can actually make money in metaverse, like working a job that pays you and you can convert it to real money, then maybe it'll come to fruition.

  11. Zuckerberg tried to make his own dystopia and failed. They should’ve stuck to making good quality oculus headset instead of shooting themselves in the foot and then increasing the quest 2 price with no upgrades.

  12. i dont remember who said this, but meta is the only billion dollar tech corp, that doesn't have a lasting product, and the metaverse it their bet, because they know how replacable social media is.

  13. The thing is the metaverse isn't unique at all, it's just a rip-off of roblox, rec room, and vr chat in which all three of those things do better than the metaverse.

  14. Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but this…does put a smile on my face.

  15. "Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." —John C. Maxwell

  16. Please do a video on 45 getting a subpoena and one of his “fans” who got 7.5 years in prison for assaulting Michael Fanone a ex cop.

  17. What they need is a timeline like Ready Player 1, where vr is as common as a basic consol in the household. It also needs to have businesses willing to make storefronts and their systems onto meta to give it that professional/business side that meta claims to be focusing on

  18. Now I feel sad for the lizard man, he's destroying himself
    For a drop of vrchat
    End of evangelion moment

  19. Honestly, Facebook needs this to work. It can't and won't, it's a corporation that doesn't understand what it means to do a metaverse. They can't pullout either because of how much they've lost so far. Pulling out would be an equally terrible idea. The only thing they can do, is slow down production and not just throw money at it, that, or they somehow pull a rabbit out of a carboard roll while people are watching.

  20. I was already annoyed with facebook selling my personal data to the highest bidder, now they want me to pay them to sell my data.

  21. Noooooo i love facebook. Its my favourite social media. I dont get snapchat or instagram. They are too complicated

  22. The only loyal users facebook will have are stereotypical boomers and gen x people soon enough aka the non internet savvy ones.
    And I say stereotypical because not all gen x and boomers are like this obviously

  23. I remember one reviewer shitting all over the new Black Mirror seasons with the words "Next up they should do an episode with the premise 'what if phone but too much'."

    Metaverse is literally like that.what if idea but too soon

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