Why the Metaverse is Impossible according to INTEL

According to Intel the Meta’s vision of the Metaverse is impossible with the current Hardware limitations. But Intel said that they plan on increasing the performance of their CPU’s and GPU’s by close to 1000 times in the hopes of reaching petaflop performance on regular consumer hardware to allow for photorealistic simulations inside the Metaverse.
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00:00 Is the Metaverse the future?
02:36 What the Metaverse needs to work
04:56 Privacy issues in the Metaverse
07:42 Last Words
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  1. So, what is your opinion on Intel's vision of what is needed for the metaverse to exist and what it might look like? Do you believe that the metaverse will ever come to forwishen in the way like companies such as Meta imagine it to happen, or is it going to like completely different from it?
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  2. It is possible thru the software side not hardware….
    Huge programming is crucial and the hardware structure has to be changed the current model is too slow for a meta verse. check this to understand the effect
    Mutli processor application are required

  3. Don't know if raw power is what's really needed, or just better architecture at lower precision and lower power, without all the ridiculous overkill of high precision floating point ops.
    I bet integer ops are sufficient for 99% of it.
    I mean, insects don't need supercomputer brains to navigate the world.

  4. the Meta Verse will never become a reallity untill Quantum Computer come in too MainstreaM. so iven with all Humanity conected to a CENtral Hub ,we will call metaverse , is not a issue in it self. only when one starts tinking on ways to Do Harm to another that problems start arising. but i dont believe we will be able to build a simulaton off everi thing that surrounds and then jump in too this new realm off metaverse problems.

  5. Will give you supernatural powers
    Psychic abilities! I'm never wrong, a New Generation is coming

  6. We need the mind to are you afraid of yourselves?It's just a Extension of you! Upgrade my memory , well be GODs, solve any problem together bigger and bigger problems, eventually everything !

  7. Gives you direct access to the central cortex! 👁️ still waiting for my VIP, Glasses, Mind Wi-Fi.

  8. Before metaverse, we have Web3D now, it is a full featured virtual engine for the web browser but not many companies are developing the contents, seriously lack skilled 3D artist and they didn't know because they are hungry designer only know about the game industry. Even so, 3D modellers only want to sell props, no career ever created in this industry, so it's a hype for now, look what happened to VR AR, does it boom? No, why? No content…

  9. You are asking about privacy from the wrong perspective. The net is full of anonymous trolls and bots. How are we being protected of these? They need to build on that and not assume new tech will include a miracle cure

  10. I hate it when people say that something is impossible. It's like saying snails walking is impossible. Sure, it could be now, but if they evolved enough it wouldn't be. Nothing is impossible with enough effort put in

    Now this is not saying metaverse is a good idea, this is just saying while it isn't impossible, it could be improbable

  11. Metaverse, can be use to geoteleptic humam senses, remoted from VR into AI commence of a bot to render in environments, no mortal can in bare body form. Like Avaitornauts

  12. You don't need massive bandwidth nor extra-ordinary compute. Experience is subjective, so one can easily fake a lot of consistency between user experiences when actual fidelity is not super important. This can be achieved by localizing most of the experience and using AI to fill in the gaps where needed. Does it matter if the tree rendered in your world has 1 million leaves and 2 million in the other guys? Of course not, human's are not conscious of most of reality. Therefore computers only have to be able smart enough to generate what's relevant to conscious experience and interpolate where needed to accommodate desirable things. Literally the AI just needs to have an decent understanding of a conscious mind, not some uber high level Gfx metric to aim at. A bit like LOD in graphics can take the load of memory requirement and compute, similarly some emotional LOD system could determine the various elements best suited for individual user experience. It only requires that people are happy with the end result, and that could be 8 bit pixel art for some people lol…..

  13. There may be ways to work through these issue more quickly given many advancements in graphics' data usage, efficiency of processor architecture and Photonics etc. Imagination of the mind combined with advancements in AI may find a way to realize these milestones more quickly. There have been some major breakthroughs in quantum computing, such as getting closer to absolute zero, increasing processing speed. Time will tell.

  14. I remember when adhoc reality was first coming out. There was a crazy amount of buzz around it with people saying that this is gonna change how we use the Internet and that we will be able to have it in contact lenses. Now I hear nothing about it. Sony did release the psvita with adhoc build it and it wasn't all that. Besides, you try to live for any amount of time with some glass right in front of your eyes. Of you don't need glasses, you will eventually gets headache of dizzy. This is why people can't spend very long in vr because of how the lenses are right in front of your eyes.

  15. We’re talking about Star Trek the Next Generation simulations lol sounds like hocus pocus… not worth the band widthnsort of like crypto’s are like Tulips doesn’t produce anything.

  16. sub vr mmorpg is all or free to play pay to win or console vr full games with some online or no online that is all them thinking that selling Goods is going to be any different than a free-to-play game they've done lost their mind in short the same kind of things we see in gaming today is going to be true tomorrow just in vr. but it is true in the long run this is going to make most people who only have an apartment or living at home with someone and have more or less nothing going to want to stay in vr long-term but that won't be true until we have full dive vr witch my not be in my life time or by around 2071 that's just a guess we are just now making building size supercomputers that compared to the human brain and that's just thinking it could be possible stage without testing it from what I understand and we don't know enough of the human brain to make a chip that could work with are brain on that scale even in theory we can dream about it right now that's about it still if your in your 25 or younger and are long lived you have a good chance of seeing it in your life time everyone else mite be stuck with headset tv vr for the rest of there lives sad to say unless we hit longevity escape velocity before then making it way more likely you will be around if your older than that because they mite have a magic pill or shot that makes you more or less age in reverse until you hit your 20s then you take another magic pill or shot to make you age again its probably true I personally think it will also make you sterile but I could be wrong because you're altering your body on such a large scale I wouldn't be surprised at all if you have to give up the ability to reproduce in men and women its not that big a thing but then again I could see it becoming a big thing if we did not make it very profitable to have a kid if not think about this in the future we where dumb and did not make it profitable to have a kid and the 99% of the human race was all sterile this would cause a problem like no other but I don't think it will ever happen as long as we make it to where women everywhere can live on cloud nine for 20 years for having 2-3 kids solving the problem and the Surplus are just staying on terraforming expeditions to terraform other planets solving the population problem o and the ones leaving the planet to terraform another planet it will be 80% sterile and 20%non-sterile because it will be dangerous to start off and the most Expendable of the species should go first until safety is more less guaranteed which it never will be so it'll probably be this way till time immemorial we the first sterile will more than likely not have to go but our grandkids and or our great-grandkids will probably have to go once they become sterile where ever they terraform will be their new home and they probably won't be kicked out of that one and rinse wash repeat until we fix the reproductive capabilities of the people who got the shot witch means this may not be a thing that comes to pass anyways or does it make it past Mars At its farthest point from us, you would reach Mars traveling with the speed of light in just . At its average distance away from us, the destination towards Mars at the speed of light would take you only 12.5 minutes / 751 seconds. witch is nothing but a plane ride so don't be worried about the long run that will probably be at least 200 years if not 500 years in the future because it will not happen all at once if it happens at all

  17. God protects his privacy… “There is no God” is a good way to do it. Space Aliens must also avoid humans to protect their privacy. We are ruthless in our addiction to celebrities. Stay away from Earth.

  18. I also had my doubts about the Metaverse. It all seems more like a publicity stunt to clean up Facebook’s abysmal image rather than the “fact” that they have something concretely revolutionary as the Metaverse. Thank you for the video!

  19. I am still confused what it supposed to really mean. Because we already have video games, or VR/AR video games. And tools to plan things inside a computer. We just do not call it metaverse or omniverse(Nvidia). So I do not get the point.

  20. Great video! All this information is very true, given the current state of technology. VR Chat is the closest thing to a metaverse; at the moment.

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