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Mech Metaverse is a customized AI technology that has created thousands of fully animated MECHS that look and feel amazing. When you purchase a MECHS NFT, you’ll receive a randomly created MECH to use for an asset, in-game, or as a collectible. No two MECHs are alike, and each one has unique abilities, stats, and more.

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  1. Hello there, am a new follower and am really looking towards getting a scholarship at the university of oxford or any other University. From where I am, no one believes in getting to any of the universities in the ivy league because of the poor education system we are having. Am a Nigerian from Borno State and am aspiring to study medicine and surgery there. Am in my last your in high school which we call it SSS3 ( Senior Secondary School). We have one of the poorest University and i want to study somewhere where my academic performance will be but to a test. when we say we are going to be the first set of people to go and study at any university be it harvards, Yale, Oxford, Columbia, etc they say its just a dream, its not possible. Only four of us believe in you and that you can make a full video for us and that maybe if you can push us. You wont be embarrassed at all. Thank You.


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