Digital popstar Polar hoping to go from the metaverse to the real world

Virtual singer and influencer Polar, recently headlined a music festival in the metaverse and the digital character says she wants to work with popstar Ariana Grande and perform in the real world.

Currently Polar, who is the work of digital media company TheSoul Publishing, exists only in virtual world environments and on social media.

”I want to perform a live show in a real venue in front of my real world fans. It may not be as far away as people think,” the virtual artist told Reuters.

Polar took off in the virtual scene in 2021 when she performed her debut single ”Close To You” in the video game ”Avakin Life”.

Now she has 1.6 million followers on TikTok and her YouTube channel has more that 500,000 subscribers.

Fans were recently able to interact with her again while playing ”Avakin Life” at the games’ annual Solar Sounds Festival.

”It’s a great evolution for Polar,” Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Parnerships at TheSoul Publishing told Reuters. Explaining that last year the festival attracted more than 4 million visitors.

”If you compare it to some of the biggest festivals – it’s higher or even on par with them, so for her (Polar), it’s an amazing opportunity to engage with the fans,” he said.

Polar also interacts with ”human friends” in some of her music videos, which like all of the content the team put out is carefully monitored so they can see what her fans do and don’t like.

While the focus is on the huge audience in the metaverse, Potrel said they are looking at possible real events too, perhaps similar to Swedish pop group ABBA’s current virtual concerts in London that use digital avatars.

”We are very open to to bring(ing) her to even more places,” he said.

As for the merging of digital and real world spaces, in the future Potrel thinks we will see more fluidity.

”Maybe you will not always know ..if you’re in front of the virtual artist or the real artist,” he said.

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  1. They act like they did something new when Gorillaz, Vocaloid, Nintendo, and VTubers have all done this before.

    I’ve seen some of her stuff and all she does is do TikTok dances while “singing”.

    Her voice and face are soulless and she has nothing that stands out besides the green eyes of death.

    Hatsune Miku is a ANDRIOD type ROBOT and has more emotions then her!! It’s stated in the games that they don’t have feelings or anything but yet they portray more then her.

    Her design is lazy and there’s so many cool things they could’ve done with her mask but yet they did whatever that is. It’s clear middle aged men made her go appeal to “Gen Z”.

    I swear I could make a better idol blindfolded. And I suck at character design.

    All I’m saying is that if a Miku concert and a Polar one were going on at the same time, we all know where 90% of people would be.

    Tbh would rather go to a Splatoon concert then this. Shameful. 💀

  2. Why literally why.. this is really unoriginal and Its like no one will ever notice that she looks almost like Miku💀

  3. not only does her "music" actually suck balls, but they had the AUDACITY to take miku's hairstyle

  4. NAH MAN everything about her is ugly… I CANT BEILIEVE THAT THEY WOULD USE MIKU, miku was so much better no one can change my desicion

  5. I only watch Polars videos just to only focus on the backround. The backrounds look cool and polar just ruins them :/
    Like I'll be focusing on the backround and this bratz doll comes in and ruins it.

  6. Just keep in mind that in an alternate universe, Metaverse is the one who created Miku but in bratz doll style and everyone hates her

  7. did you knwo: this dogcrap is made by the same people who made 5 minute crafts . that says a lot i think

  8. I thought I was weird for liking sacred spear explosion boy and listening to it on loop for 4 hours straight. Now I don’t feel so bad about it.

  9. EVEN NINTENDO DOES VIRTUAL HOLOGRAM CONCERTS- I wouldn't hate the character so much if it obviously a idiotic rip-off of Hatsune Miku and K/DA. Whoever is behind this character needs to get themselves together. To be a real artist, you must work for it. This is just a soulless copy-

  10. Oh my god, the audacity of this company trying to pass whatever the hell this is as original is just pathetic, just, unbelievable. Having things like hololive and Nijisanji, constantly pumping out amazing songs one after another, with Gorillaz just releasing new amazing songs, they have to step up, because so far? Those songs Polar and TheSoul Publishing have released? Mediocre doesn't even describe them.

  11. Forgot to mention her massive abuse of bots and that the company behind her is the same as 5 minute crafts just ewww

why i left Web 3… (as an ex-Google software engineer) #web3