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Debt vs. Equity. Market Capitalization, Asset Value, and Enterprise Value. Created by Sal Khan.

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Finance and capital markets on Khan Academy: This is an old set of videos, but if you put up with Sal’s messy handwriting (it has since improved) and spotty sound, there is a lot to be learned here. In particular, this tutorial walks through starting, financing and taking public a company (and even talks about what happens if it has trouble paying its debts).

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  1. I am 55 years old with very little set aside for retirement at this point. I have always been curious about the stock market and have witnessed some people who played the game right and retired early because they used the stock market. When I ask them, most said that they invested very little to start with, but their portfolio grew. I do have a significant amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no idea what strategies and direction I need to approach to help me make decent returns.

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  6. The content look/feels so FRESH even though it's 12 years old.
    That's what 'Khan Academy' is!
    Timeless creations to inspire generations after generations.

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  8. Thanks Sal, I am actually doing engineering but somehow I had to learn the infernal course of entrepreneurship in semester 2 and you helped not only in electronics and thermodynamics and chemistry and calculus and differential equations and physics but also in learning these business field related courses
    An apology if I forget to mention any other subject !

  9. Cool Fact: It can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface, but only 8 minutes to travel the rest of the way to earth

  10. When you say debt. are you talking about total liabilities , or are you saying total debt, total Long-term debt, etc?

  11. Dear Mr Salman, I don't know how to appreciate your wonderful job, I only can say that I wish there were more people like you on the world.

  12. I wonder how is it possible that you can teach every thing and in such a nice way, your are wonderful man.

  13. but what if the companies assets fall drastically in value? So if the $150 million had been used to make a rocket that was now obsolete and only worth $50 million. how would that effect market cap? or say the rocket was worth only $1 million and there is the $3 million debt – surely then the company is bankrupt?

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