How Micro E-Mini Futures Work (And Why You Should Start Trading Them)

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In today’s video we will be covering Micro E-Mini Futures. We will discuss how they work and why you should be trading them! At first these were pushed under the rug and not really used or utilized how they should have been. I will be giving you this lost knowledge to help you gain as much value from them as possible. Make sure to comment down below with any questions you might have. Leave a like if you enjoyed this video!

00:00 Micro Contracts in the Futures Market
01:00 Same High Quality products for a tenth of the size
02:05 No reason to trade full size if you’re not consistent
05:30 A downside of trading micros
07:00 Fees and Commission
09:50 Charting and Trading on the Micros are Important distinctions

Futures E-Mini Contracts:
Trading Futures Only:

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  1. Sir, It appears that in strong market, NQ goes up more(and faster) than e mini Sp500. When the market is doing poorly, NQ comes down more & faster compared to e mini. Does it make sense that if market is up strongly for say 2- 3 days in A row, then sell NQ & buy e mini AS PAIR TRADE, and wait. Say 3 days later market is falling strongly 2-3 days in A row,–then reverse the pair trade. Any suggestions for other indices pairs trades, comments ?

  2. Ik this video was not gonna be straight to the point and all over the place once I saw the time was exactly 10 mins

  3. Hey, your videos are great, could you possibly do a bookmap for beginners video? If you still utilize the tool that is

  4. Great content. You're totally right… it's foolish to begin trading futures with full size. That would only lead to major losses and mental scarring.

  5. Thank you for getting real in this video I love trading /mes contracts and I will go/es soon Thank you brother. Best Regards [

  6. Nice Video!
    Is each $1 dollar movement in the SP-Micro worth $5?
    What kind of margin is needed?
    {just a ballpark estimate}
    Thank you very much!!!

  7. Excellent video. In a nutshell, the MES contract is 1/10 the size of the ES, but the commissions are not 1/10 the size of ES commissions. Smaller than ES commissions, yes, but not proportionally smaller. A broker's rent, utilities, and telephone costs are exactly the same regardless of the contract traded. But the new trader's tuition costs (i.e., losses) are reduced by 90% while he is learning his craft (your excellent turn of phrase). I am very glad to have discovered you on YouTube.

  8. Can I make money trading the MES in overnight trading and premarket? And which out of those two would you prefer

  9. Do brokers require the overnight fee?
    I can't afford those fees but I noticed in Tastyworks that the overnight requirement for micro canadian dollars is affordable. I'm in the U.S. though.
    Is that going into Forex territory? I really want to start trading micro futures.
    Also do any brokers allow trading micros with a cash account? Tastyworks doesn't.

  10. Can you explain me, when I sell a put on /MES at 3600 and I get assigned on /MES after expiration , am I obliged to buy that 1 future contract (with initial margin around 1200 usd)? so after I hold this one contract /MES and speculate the price will rise (above 3600) until settlement date? Thank you!

  11. Why not just trade SPY to learn instead of the micros? A lot of brokers offer commission-free stock tradings, so the expenses associated with trading SPY would presumably be lower than trading the micros.

  12. great video, what strategy do you use on micros and minis? i trade the Micro Nasdaq its a beauty !

  13. I'm new to futures coming from forex & options. How many day trades can you make with futures? Do you have any live trades breaking down futures? I've watched over 20 video's. Nobody is breaking it down live…

  14. Just to be clear to everyone. You keep wrongfully referring to the Mini S&P as the "full" contract. There are three sizes of S&P futures contracts, the SP(full), ES(mini), and the MES(micro).

  15. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise.

  16. Thanks for sharing these points! So if I understood correctly, both markets will move the same, micro follows the mini, but at the moment we still see lower volume in the micros, which means we could experience slippage and orders waiting to get filled way more often than in the minis? Basically CME moves the price of the micros purely based on what is going on in the minis, so does it mean the supply and demand theory does not apply to the micros? Cheers!

  17. Genius. Why didn't I think of going off of the main chart instead of the micro, and trading the micro. I was always worried that something wouldn't be the same, but in reality, why wouldn't I be looking at the main futures product?!?! That's what the Micro is based off of!! lol

    Omg 70 contracts would be insane. 5 micro contracts is surely enough to make 6 figures a year. Let's not even get into the potential salary when dealing with multiple ES contracts… =P

  18. Are you looking at the S&P 500 Index that trades only Monday – Friday as well? NVM I understand what you mean. Thanks

  19. Great video.The ES and the Micro-ES would trade the same, but there is a different with the RTY, the liquidity. It doesnt appear to move the same way as far as "depth" The volume at each level is different as well, even if they are at the same price.
    I wonder how the prices for the Micro-Es gets generated if it is a derivative or the ES or the price is controlled by supply and demand.


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