Today's Stock Market News – 12/05/2022 | Parimal Ade

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Key Points Covered:
00:00 Introduction
00:14 US Markets down -1.99% to -3.18%
01:13 US 10-year G-Sec Yield at 2.93%
01:42 Brent Crude at $107/barrel
02:21 India’s 10-year G-Sec Yield at 7.21%
02:55 Bond Yields Drop as RBI seen reversing COVID Period Rate Cute ie. 115 bps (1.15%)
03:55 Morgan Stanley Cuts India’s FY23 Growth Forecast to 7.6% from 7.9% earlier
05:10 Rate Hike, Rise in Bond Yields, Rupee Fall to Hit India Inc. Margins
06:35 Gold ETF Inflows at 2-year High (Rs.1,100 Cr) in April 2022
07:48 LIC shares slip below IPO Price in Grey market, Trade at Rs.940-945 – Sources
08:45 Govt. to Hold 33% stake in Vodafone Idea post Equity conversion
09:42 FMCG Majors (HUL, Britannia, Marico) make big market share gains as Inflation blunts Small Firms edge
12:25 Small Ticket Housing Loans rise in Tier-I & Tier-II cities
13:11 Tata Motors unveils Nexon EV Max with a range of 437 km, Bigger Battery
13:51 Tata Group Readying Plan for a Battery Company
14:12 Tata Group’s Main Focus: Digital, Global, Supply Cain & Sustainability (ESG)

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  1. An ex-colleague convinced me into stock trading and investment as a means of making more income maybe because of the few commissions she earns bringing people. Sad i fell, My portfolio have been down ever since. Next time, i will first spend my money on myself before investing.

  2. Wanted to have your views on 3i Infotech. Its results are out and please guide whether shall I invest long term?

  3. The fin-Markets have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stocks and bonds. My $1.3m portfolio is down by approximately 70%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before will be highly appreciated.

  4. Suggestion: please avoid repetition, try to keep video under 10 mins . Should restrict to points and not go offtopic

  5. Your vlogs are with strong analytical background based on facts…i watch only your vlogs and aceink that also make valuable vlogs as you make. Thanks 🙏

  6. 1990 july – 2000 feb — 526% up ,, 3500 days ,, 5 major correction around 30%

    2000march – 2001march — 35% as well as 2001 march — 2003march ,, correction -42% , 1156 days

    finally 2000march —2003 march ,,, correction -44% ,, 1185 days ,,, beer market

    now we are in correction and it seems that from here market can go up to 15% more in next 6 months,,, i may be wrong ,,, but for sure ,, if we hold good stock then we will rock in bull run ,, and history says if you hold for 10 years ,,, then you will make money

    1st April 2003 — 1st nov 2007 — 1700 days ,, 578% bull run ,,, 3 times correction came around 10% , one was for 22%

    31 dec 2007 — march 2009 — 434 days ,,, -58%

    9th march 2009 –10 , 15th nov 2010 ,,,616 days .. bull run — 140%

    15th nov 10 , 2 january 2012 , 400 days – 28%

    2 jan 2012 – 9 june 2014,, + 63% ,,, 889 days ,,, 5 time in between 11% around correction came

    10 june 2014 —- feb 15 days — 238 days + 20%

    2 march 2015 —- 29 feb 2016 – 22% correction ,,, 364 days

    15th feb 2016 —- 18th sep 2018 — bull run , 68% nifty ,,,, 945 days ,,, 3 time correction came of around 15%

    again 15% correction , 15% ,, 49 days sep 2018 — oct 2018

    15th oct 2018 — 27th jan 2020 — normal 455 days ,,, 22% rise ,,, 2 time correction came

    23march2020 —– 18th oct 2021 — bull run ,, 544 days ,, 134% ,,, one time correction 8% ,,,

  7. After Seeing this vdo daily.. make new investors like me feel PRO in discussion with old investors… They be like… yeh itne din me itna kaise smj gya😂😂

  8. Great video and some nice tips! This is a scary time for new investors or crypto owners due to the Recession but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your high conviction stocks or crypto on a discount. Wealth is created during bear markets. If your portfolio is really effecting your metal health then delete the app or take a walk. Let the market do it’s thing and have a long time horizon. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 16’ BTC from day trading with Mrs_Perry . This is the best way/medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.


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