The Stock Market Crash of 2022 – It's Here

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Market Update
1:55 Let’s Get Some Context
3:50 Retail Investor Struggles
6:20 Moomoo Integration
7:55 Oil vs. Economy
10:40 Warren Buffet + What now?
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  1. What action do you think the average person with long term mortgage debt and working to pay things off handle things RIGHT NOW?? What should we do with our cash emergency funds sitting in the bank. Our mortgaged homes? Our government bonds abs retirement funds? What should we do TODAY to prepare for this reset before we lose everything?

  2. 80% market drop this year- Bubble burst starts with high P/S Spec stocks drop while indexes are raising. This happen in Nov 2021.

  3. Great video once again. I actually think that if theirs a silver lining to all this it's that we should see ESG plays go on a massive bullish run soon. Origin Materials is a company that I'm particularly bullish on. They make various materials such as PET, PEF and carbon black with wood pulp rather than oil and are cost competitive with oil at 35$ a barrel so you can imagine they blow it out of the water at 100$+. 5.6B in offtakes from companies like Pepsi, Ford, Danone, Primaloft and many others. Amazing management including Charles Drucker, Sim Boon and Rich Riley who've been buying big and their been no insider selling. They will be eligible for carbon credits since they are carbon negative. Think you should check them out if you haven't already.

  4. Hello,I'm a newbie in crypto,, what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now.

  5. Never stop investing. Investing must be the top priority. Stick to your clearly defined plan and disregard all noise

  6. How come I missed this great channel so far, awesome and very educational channel, thanks for sharing great videos. subbed and liked !!! a fellow creator

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