Cost of Living in FRANCE || How to manage money in FRANCE || Transport || Internet | Accommodation

This video explains in detail about the cost of Living in FRANCE if you are planning to come to FRANCE in 2022 or later

This video is in HINDI Language for students and professionals to help my audience especially from India understand what is the cost of living if you are planning to come to FRANCE for a long stay for study in France or work in FRANCE

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Topic covered in this video
1. Cost of living in FRANCE
2. How to manage your money in FRANCE
3. How to manage and buy grocery and utility in FRANCE
4. Cheap transport in FRANCE
5. How much does it costs to live in FRANCE for international students

Cost of living includes your monthly room rent grocery shopping internet bills transport and your lifestyle. In big cities like Paris Lyon NICE etc the cost of living is really very high as compared to Grenoble Annecy and Lille. The bigger the city gets the difficult it is to survive

Salary is quite decent here in which you can manage all the monthly expenses but so are the taxes also meaning you may not save as much at the end what you expect too.

Private health insurance

Navigo pass details

Things to know before coming to France:

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