Today's Stock Market News – 23/04/2022 | Parimal Ade

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Key Points Covered:
00:00 Introduction
00:18 US Markets Down by 2.5% to 3%
00:42 Investors pulled out $17.5 bn from Global Equities
01:01 Brent Crude at $106/barrel
01:14 US 10-year G-Sec Yield at 2.89%
01:21 India’s 10-year G-Sec Yield at 7.16%
01:34 Reliance Future Deal derailed as 70% Secured Lenders Rejects Plan
02:45 Listing of LIC is more Important than Size of IPO – Govt. Official
03:23 Govt. Seeks to Grow Tax Base, Makes Filing must for TDS/TCS above Rs.25,000 Cr
04:13 India & UK Set Diwali Deadline for Concluding Free Trade Pact
04:56 FII Ownership of NSE 500 Stocks at 3-year Low at 19.5%
05:55 Keki Mistry – Couldn’t Articulate Benefits of HDFC-HDFC Bank Merger clearly
07:00 Reliance Buys 15 Mn Barrels of Russian Oil amid Ukraine War
07:42 Entry Level Salaries at IT Companies Set to Rise amid High Attrition

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  1. Good noon sir.
    We are greatly addicted to your very informative videos.
    Thks a lot
    Great effort.hats off

  2. Monday को मार्केट ऊपर जाए गा या नीचे plz हमे बताए

  3. आपकी analysis से retail investors का उत्साहवर्धन होता है ।👌👌

  4. Every thing looks good… But why our markets are falling like anything… BN closes below 36k… Will it fall more next week?

  5. Every month InvestYadnya comes up with new excuse to gives discounts. They have no respect to old subscribers who bought their products at higher valuation. Seems al this discount thing is scam ad the fair value of their services is the price afte discount.

  6. Great initiative sir, one request can you please upload this news audio file daily in telegram channel. That would be very helpful.

  7. Nice & informative video as usual. Pls Make a weekly separate video abt various companies result. Since it’s a result season atm

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