US Tax Rules for Non Resident Stock Market Investors [How to pay no US Taxes]

US Tax Rules for Non Resident Stock Market Investors [How to pay no US Taxes]

If you wanna know how you should stretch your company to avoid the state taxes when you are a non-resident stock market investors you have to see this video. We share with you US Tax Rules and everything you need to know to avoid paying US taxes.

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Lawyer Disclaimer (Occupational Hazard): This is not legal advice. Everything here is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney for advice regarding any particular issue or problem.

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  1. my country don't have tax treaty with USA. i am planning to swing trades and occasional day trades only. do i need to pay tax for both USA and my country. I am a non us entity and a non us resident. Thank you

  2. What if, as a foreigner, I own a US LLC and trade stocks through that LLC? Will I still owe taxes?

  3. Hello James, thanks for video for informative…I'm a Papua New Guinean citizen and have been trading on the US Stock Market quite frequently since November 2021..I have a brokerage trading with TD Ameritrade…Can you please confirm if I am required to pay some level of Tax from my trading profits?…I live and work in Papua New Guinea..Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, I have short term capital gains in stock and crypto that I did online from India. Do I need to file 1040 NR and what should I select in occupation category and do I need to pay any tax in such case?

  5. Hi James, Is there direct 30 % tax on Non Resident's Stocks/capital gains as per new laws by Biden Government for tax year 2021?
    I have been told by some person that from 2021 there is change in tax structure please let me know.

  6. As a foreign investor that want to register to Interactive Brokers, Do I need to write ITIN/SSN or can I just leave it blank in the registration ?

  7. Thank you for the video ! But aren't the taxes already automatically deducted when you close your stock position on the broker site (IBKR for example). I live in Dubai and i still get deducted of the taxes when i close my position

  8. I watch several YouTube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

  9. Hey hi I just have a question if Iam trading throw robinhood stocks and I live in Japan do I have to pay state taxes if I have to then how to pay the taxes from Japan

  10. Good Afternoon James,

    I love your video and getting knowledge of Tax structure. I am having a few questions regarding my Tax status. I would be really grateful if you can help me to answer my queries.

    Currently I am in India and I was in the USA till mid of 2019 and I don't have any US VISA . I have a trading account with Robinhood that I opened when I was in the USA. This year I have to fill out the W-8BEN Form.

    1) Do I have to provide my SSN number along with my current country Tax ID

    2) I had no profit gain in 2020 so I filed the tax with the IRS but did not provide a W-8BEN Form. Is that okay or do I have to resubmit my tax?

    3) Could you please share your preferable time to connect with you.

  11. Thanks for the information James! I have a question though, despite the fact that a non-resident alien don't have to pay those taxes, do we still need to declare anything to IRS? Thanks again!

  12. i have a question i have online business i have comic book website and my users are from all around the world and from us also i get traffic on my website from us also i'm i qualify for no tax if i form LLC ?

  13. What if you have a broker account which is based in the US but you don't live in the US just opened a llc for trading which the capital gains come from it still we don't file taxes on our income from the brokers?

  14. Hi, I am an Australian resident planning to start a day trading career in US stocks. I have two inclinations either to open an account with a US based broker let say Robinhood with the PDT rule in mind (i.e. with $25K minimum balance) or open an account with CMEG (Caribbean based broker). I am more inclined towards US based because of security of funds and lower commission fees. My question is, do I have to pay taxes on my day trading earning in the US and afterwards in Australia OR as you mentioned I'll be exempt from US taxes? A comprehensive response would be appreciated. Thanks

  15. Excellent Channel!.
    What if I'm an Individual and not a company?, how do I avoid paying US taxes by Investing in Stocks, given the fact that my country has no tax treaty with the US?.
    If it is a must to pay taxes, does it cut across both Capital gain and Dividends?.

  16. Great Video. Is there a state tax for non US Citizen not living in US who does not have any property or business in US however like to trade stocks online?

  17. Hi I’m Raymond and it’s the first time I’ve watched your video and I’m very impressed on how factual you are. I would like to ask a question on rental home … I’m a Canadian planinng to buy two houses in florida one for my retirement and the other for e rental income… would this be considered as a business thereby incurring taxes and also non resident tax?
    I want to stay about 6 months /year.

  18. Excellent channel. I'll be booking a call soon! I am a US citizen living abroad and have a number of issues to plan for.

  19. The $250 private call is a one time fee… would future calls (if needed) be subjected to another fee?

  20. I’m from Switzerland and have a valid US SSN, and my US brokers send me 1099s to file taxes because I do receive dividends. I file 1040NR and they take 30% rate which is so high, defeats the purpose of investing. Please help me.

  21. Thanks for the video. Forgive my ignorance but for 100% clarity, if i'm a UK national that does not work/live in the US and trade US stocks through a broker i am not liable for US tax? Annual profit from trading stocks is also irrelevant?

    Thanks in advance

  22. Hi Jim. Does this apply to U.S. Citizens who move abroad and trading from abroad? How does that work?

  23. How about if u have stock and sales once while u pay Tex’s or usa or if u in different contrary u don’t pay

  24. Very clear and concise, thank you very much for the clarification. Will definitely use your services from now on.

  25. I’m an international student and wanna know what I do with the massive profits for example with GameStop recently.
    I don’t wanna pay 39% taxes if I don’t have to.

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  27. Hi Jim!
    I hope you will not pass and read my post.
    I have carefully watched your video.
    Now as far as I know Non U.S. resident has to file form 1042-S.
    Please verify as you have said that nothing should be sent to an IRS etc
    Many Thanks!

  28. Hi great video many thanks. If i trade the account of a u.s. company and get paid a fee for performance. Do I have to pay taxes on that income?

  29. What is benefit of opening llc in delaware and trading for non us residents. I came to know that wht tax will not be applicable. Can you throw light on this.

  30. Hello,

    Great video; just a quick question. I’m a green card holder and a Canadian citizen, currently in Canada due to schooling. Would I be required to pay taxes in USA if I trade in the Canadian stock market? Does that count as foreign income, or anything like that, which would count as taxable by the US? I have no income in the US at the moment, only working in Canada for now. Thanks!

  31. Thanks for the Information. Just wanted to be sure if I'm interpreting correctly for my situation:

    Following applies to me:
    – I'm a non-US citizen.
    – I don't have a US Green card.
    – I have been a US resident till 2020 but will be moving back to my country and will not be US resident in 2021.
    – My query is about how to manage my taxes from 2021 onwards if I continue to trade in the US stock markets via my existing trading accounts.

    From your video, I understand that I will have to:
    – Pay taxes on the dividends earned in 2021 in the US.
    – No taxes on gains due to buying and selling of securities in 2021 in the US.

    Please review and confirm if my understanding is correct. Please correct me if my understanding is correct.

    Again, thanks for your help.

  32. Thanks for the Video Jim… This is a jungle that makes me confused.

    Im living in Sweden, and Trading US stocks.
    So I dont need to report anything and I dont need to pay Tax in US, right?

    Then I only need to pay Tax in my own country?

  33. I tried to get on the zoom consultation but the link is broken. Would like to discuss a tax strategy with you guys.


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