Editing Gas Settings in MetaMask (Beginner's Guide)

Given the demand for NFTs, sometimes you’ll need to be able to change your transaction details to ensure you don’t miss out. This requires editing the gas settings within your MetaMask wallet. Gas fees are the fees required to transact on the Ethereum blockchain. Fees vary based on the transaction type, but they will always be present when interacting and transacting on Ethereum.

In this video we’ll show you how to edit your gas settings in the case that you need to speed up a transaction to beat competing collectors in the NFT space.

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  1. Hi Matt, if the gas price is high. Say $100 and I am in no hurry. Can I put in a gas price of say $5 and leave it. Sooner or later will it fill when the price comes down or does it just time out after some point. To do this, would I just adjust my max fee?

  2. how about when it's on a smart chain network ? the edit gas fee button doesn't appear sir. i need help

  3. Thanks for the great video mate. For some reason when trying to swap a token on this presale platform called Copper Launch using MetaMask, for some reason (I don't usually trade ETH just to add so don't know whether this is a common issue) the priority fee is the same as the max fee. I'm getting 163 as a priority fee at the moment which is the same as the max fee. Would change the priority fee down to 2 give a more likely chance of the transaction to fail, or as long as the actual gas limit and gwei is the right amount it doesn't matter about the priority fee? And could I put the gwei amount to the slow processing time with the low priority fee and it would still go through?

    Thanks mate will appreciate any reply!

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