RX 5700 in HiveOS, Overclock, Bios Mod Ethereum Mining ETH XT flash Modding gpu mining

New video every Wednesday!! Today we are tweaking (and Bios Modding) a RX 5700 in HiveOS. First to an XT model, then try editing timing straps and overclock for better hash to watt ratio for mining Ethereum.
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Phoenixminer commands that worked for me:
-mode 1
-clKernel 1
-clNew 1

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  1. hola buen dia, alguno le cambio los thermal pad a esta placa? quiero saber que medidas son

  2. Not sure if you still see messages here, but my 5700 is not listed in the site suggestes, I mean it´s HP GPU

  3. Does anyone have the hiveos beta version you're using on this videos? It seem that's the only one that can make this gpu work

  4. HIVE OS
    5700xt Saphire Nitro + Micron Mem
    CC 1400 to 1430 (try 1350 IF you experience crashes, then tweak other settings)
    VDD 775 to 780 (continue to raise +5 if unstable/crashes/restarts)
    VDDCI 800
    MVDD 1350
    Mem 920 to 950 (stable)

    CC 1350 (lowering clock helped stability, over this value gave invalid shares but might try 1400 again)
    VDD 775 (raise +5 if crashing)
    VDDCI 800
    MVDD 1350
    MEM 895 to 900 (stable)

    5700xt MSI MECH Samsung Mem (the worst card performance and thermal wise)
    CC 1350
    VDD 775
    VDDCI 800
    MVDD 0
    Mem 895
    This MSI card has been a PITA, even with custom straps/bios it only gets 55.4 mh/s MAX before invalid shares or crashes. 1400CC crahes the card regardless of VDD, if someone finds a better OC please let me know!

    When changing values do +10, run for 24hrs, if it crashes then -5, if it crashes again then -5, repeat until you tweak your settings. Nobody said OC was easy, its time consuming and headache causing but being patient and logical pays off!!!

    I hope someone found this helpful, give it a upvote so others can see!

  5. I think the key to better hash rates for power is to avoid Hive OS and go straight with Win10 and Phoenix miner. You can control all your miner stuff straight from the command line with the config file. Because the cards in Windows run at twice the memory frequency they draw less power than they would in Linux while at the same time giving you better performance (like 1-2MH/sec). If you couple this with a good mining monitor software you can efficiently control your rig remotely for most things not even having to log into it by uploading a config txt file to it with new changes you want to make.

  6. I got 6 x 5700xt rig. Getting 51mh at around 80 watts for each of them, no bios mod. hiveos 50/1350/725/725/900

  7. Just bought this card and when mining the memory temp sits between 96c and 100c. Nobody seems to be talking about it

  8. Nice video! Thanks! Do you have same settings now or changed? Whats ur oC settings and cvolt? 🙂

  9. With 6 5700 XT red Devil i get around avg 57MH/s at around 115W. Worst performer only clock memory to 1820 and get around 56,2mh/s. Clock at 1380, core voltage at 960 (950 prob possible) and 1820-1900memory clock. Bios modded for memory timings

  10. I have 2 ASRock Radeon RX 5700 XT TAICHI stock bios @53.5MH/s Hive Settings 1350 / 720 / 780 / 1290 / 925 showing 102 and 104w in the software temps are 40-42 and 74-76. I also have a ASRock Phantom Gaming D3 Radeon RX 5600 XT stock bios @40.35MH/s Hive Settings 1120 / 709 / 780 / 1290 / 925 showing 71w with temps at 40 and 64. Ive tried to push for more but becomes unstable. core / vdd / vddci / mvdd / mem

  11. you should change trcf timing of each frequency to achieve more hashrate I set mine from 29xx to 5990 and I managed to get 58mh with 1860 memory and 1350 core clock and 800 core Volt (with msi rx 5700 gaming x)

  12. 5700XT Sapphire Pulse, my settings are: CV925, PL -40, CC 1408, MC 1858, power consumption is 117W and I get 50-53MH/s

  13. My Main Mining GPU. Quiet and silent. I got it at 1300mhz 800mv core, and 1800mhz RAM stable 54MH/s 100-110 Watts depending on each silicon lottery of the GPUs. Watch my Channel.

  14. some people say MSI 5700 are worst cooling systems and it's very hot for memory is that right
    does Rog better than MSI ?

  15. I that’s a pretty decent hash rate and power I’d be pretty happy with that but I think I might look into some FPGA cards instead of normal GPUs little better hash rate in a lot better power consumption but a lot bigger price tag to buy though

  16. I have 6x of the MSI 5700xt Gaming X. (unmodded) getting 53.5Mh/s at 136W, I have some work to do! Thanks for the vid…


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