50 Mh/s Ethereum Mining Vega GPU

Due to the current stay at home order I’ve had plenty of time to watch numerous videos and read numerous forums to find the best settings for some of the old GPUs that I had available. I have highlighted my settings so as to share the information with others.
If you just want the settings but no talkie talkie, checkout my web site:

AMD Tweak Tool:

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  1. Thanks so much. I was really struggling to get my asus rog strix to mine in hiveos. Software says 49.49MH at 133 watts

  2. Many thanks for the guide!

    I'm trying to boost the MH/s of my Vega 56. I see everywhere that it can reach 50 MH/s+ at 130watts, I can't manage to exceed 37 MH/s at 200watts…

    Here are my hardware and software specs:

    – MSI Vega 56 8GB (Samsung memory) the 1st bios at 150watts, the 2nd at 220watts is flashed in Vega 64 and works very well

    – Latest AMD driver

    – AMD Memory Tweaker XL with GUI

    – NiceHash mining only

    – Windows 10 pro 64bits

    I followed different guides to change the timings via AMD Memory Tweaker XL and underclock the card but I never manage to get a good level of MH/s and I can't find out where the problem is.

    I tested the timings with the stock Bios (Vega 56 u/150watts ) and with the bios ([email protected])

    I'm wondering if the problem is with AMD Memory Tweaker or if I haven't found the timings that match my card. Do I need to use a specific bios for the card? Do I need to install Hive OS to get that MHS performance?

    Do you recommend the use of the bios at 150w or that at 220W knowing that on the first, Max VRAM overclocking is at 920mHZ, while the 2nd bios is 1020MHZ.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. The tool doesn't work anymore with the new drivers 😢Do you know any similar tool that could allow me to tweak the memory as shown in the video ? (right now I'm only getting around 37MH/s with my vega 56)

  4. so this is software based and does not stay in the card once its set? so say im using simpleminer and i want to do this? i cannot just set this in windows then move the card to my mining rig?

  5. Im using the gigabyte vega 64
    I followed the guide but i keep the wattman error and keep getting amd crash defender issue
    And also what miner are you using?
    Im using lol miner
    I tweak it a little bit
    Core 1050 @ 850mv
    Mem [email protected] 850mv
    Im getting 41.6 @ 180watts

  6. yo i've been using your guide for months and it worked great but my amd memory tweaker wont open and get this error "ADL2_OverdriveN_Temperature_Get: Invalid ADL index passed".

  7. Thank you so much, I have followed every guide and could not get past 34MH on my ref Vega 64. With your settings i have 49MH Thank you so so much

  8. Hey mate do you get any heat soak from running both gpus on top of each other? Would you consider running a riser cable and moving it over around 200mm?

  9. ADL2_OverdriveN_MemoryTimingLevel_Get : Generic Error. Most likely one or more of the Escape calls to the driver failed!

    I got this error can u please help?

  10. Wait you get 9$ a day and after discounting electricity cost of only that machine you get 5$? like you pay 4$ so 120$ x month in electricity for that machine only? how expensive is electricity in Canada damn.. I pay 40$ a month for my whole house with my PC mining 24/7 and i consider that expensive.

  11. Okay this is unreal. Went from +- 36mh/s @ 190w on a Sapphire Vega 64 LE to +-49mh/s at 120w. All of this at 50 degrees celsius from 65+-. This is insane. Thank you so much!

  12. I have my Vega 56 (flashed 64) hitting 48.50 but my memory temps are at 95c what do you recommend I do to just tweak it down a little without losing much? Might crash if I mess with the power or voltage you think

  13. What motherboard are you using in this dual gpu mining setup? Helpful video. I have my Vega 56 at 47mhs on a single B450 matx board, pulling about 120 soft watt . I want to upgrade to an ATX board and case and get a motherboard which can support preferably 3 gpu but 2 is what I would like. Any feedback. I want to run dual 6600XT or 1 Vega 56 & 6600XT

  14. i get 10mh out of my vega 64 gigabyte, samsung memory. even trying your settings it got me down to 9mh. what do I do wrong?
    can it be pcie related? my motherboard runs the gpu at pcie2.

  15. Thank you so much! Was getting around 32-34 mh, tried some other forums and videos and was able to bring it to like 39mh. Changed my settings to these, got it stable at 45mh at 135 Watts!

  16. Hi! thanks for the video and it work wonders, but I wanna ask a question. After I do the tweaking, it started at 48mh for a couple of minutes, then steadily dropping down until 45mh… Why is that?
    Also seems pretty unstable in my case and already crashed while watching YT.

  17. hey thanks for posting this guide. what i noticed made the most significant difference in the hashrate for my card (powercolor vega 56) is adjusting timing 12. thats where i saw the jump from roughly 34 hashrate to now 40.49. im still tweaking but just thought id mention that here.

  18. Hi im using sapphire vega 64 reference model. When i apply the oc settings my system crashes and restarts. Any idea please

  19. I get 43.14Mh/s on Shappire Vega 56, i can't increase the mem clock over 950 and the -rcdrd less than 18 🙁

  20. We have simular settings our differences for vega 64 nitro+ are:

    tRCab: 43

    tRAS: 20
    tRCPb: 43
    tRCDRD: 13
    tREF: 65535 (if it freeze try lower)
    tRFC: 248

    For the core control I did the same, but I choosed just P1 to be enabled (dunno if it makes difference).
    1080mhZ 830mV (+ kinda lower since I don't have lower hashrate compared to higher clocks+V.. only W goes down at least for me).

    and mem pretty much the same works for me too.. at 160w like yours..
    after some testing I found 1080mhz at 830mV that it goes less than 120w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I only lose a 2 mega hash.

    Also it's very importand (at least for me.. ) to NOT plug anything on the vega64.. if I do.. power consumption jumps 20-30w.
    ps. The massive heatsink of the nitro+ it helps for the power consumption cause the fans don't speed up a lot.
    PO 30 at 20%
    P1 35 at 40%
    P2 42 at 60%
    P3 49 at 75%
    P4 56 at 100%
    OFC you should set yr fans regarding hbm temps.. you know that 😀

  21. Hi, my Memory tweak seems to freeze whenever i tried to change seetings on my vega 56. The weird thing is that ve tried with 3 diferent computers and the same thing happens any recommendations? Is it the gpu or driver or something needed that im missing??? It only happens when I use the software, if i dont the gpu is okay. Its reallly weird othet times i got the gpu up to 53 mhs!!!

  22. yes thank you. one of the few guys who did it right. many other channels dont state what original card they are using. guys flash v56 and 64 bios onto both cards. this changes things. an v64 card with v56 bios will not have same timings. which is what i see most high hash cards are, like 50+ mhs.

  23. Applying your settings worsened my hashrate from 41 to 38.
    Why do you recommend increasing the timing delay?

  24. ur card is not even running on 850mv look at the info 900mv was ur current, thats why ur watts so high. im on 44mh with 800mv and doing 109watts only

  25. Hi! It has helped me a lot to configure the Vega 64 Rog, there is not much information on this board. Thank you very much, greetings from Argentina.

  26. I used your settings for a Vega 56 for ethminer which raised the hashrate from 30 to 37Mh/s. I tried playing around a little with the settings until it became unstable and finally my system crashed. But now, when I apply your settings again, the hashrate drops to ~23 instead of increasing. I restarted several times, reinstalled new drivers, etc. Any idea what might be the problem? Cheers

  27. Se esta procurando um brasileiro, estou aqui para ajudar, fiz e gostei muito, de uns 30 mh/s foi para 43 mh/s, só mudando as opções marcadas em vermelho com ele fez no vídeo, mesmo minha placa não sendo do mesmo modelo, a minha é uma asrock modelo blower

  28. I found the temperament of the memory very high, here, following his steps, he reaches 85º. By making changes using the AMD program, I manage to stabilize at 70º, but yielding 40 M/hs. Failure to lower the temperature by AMD Memory Tweak. Any tips? My GPU is Vega 64 Red Devil.

  29. hi dude, when I start mining it shows 2 problems, one is the windows TDR delay and TDR DDI delay missing or invalid, and the compute mode which I can't find in Radeon Software
    do you know how to solve these? it's mining a42-43 mh/s anyways

  30. got the vega 64 nitro upto 52mhz average, settings 1025mhz,800mv, memory 1127mhz 850mvs around 140w atm using windows 95% fans, 75'c HBM max

  31. Amazing I was mining with 32 now it's 42 but why its so low anyone please help
    I've done everything from the video
    Just got it up to 42 if anyone knows please comment back or message me
    Thank you

  32. im on 51mh/s running 1025 core 800mv and 1117 hbm with 850mv, 17000 for tref, stable 24/7, can i improve sitting around 152w just fr the card

  33. i only got 44MHs in my vega 64. same memory(Samsung) and same tweak 🙁 what should i do to get 50mhs?

    My Temp is 66C and 135W

  34. Hey I have a ASUS Strix Vega 56, would it be much different from your 56 settings? Thanks for the awesome vid!

  35. Bro, can you help me? I have vega 64 gigabyte gaming oc and I tried both tweakings that you showed for vega 64 but it crashes every time. I have reached all by myself to 43 mh/s with 184 W but I tried different ways to overclock it for mining to reach above 45 mh/s but still could not reach above it. ;( Please help, I really want to lower the Wattage and if possible to reach above 45 mh/s.

  36. Thank you! I watched your video and got my Vega 64 from 39mh to 49mh!!! Thanks for sharing, I was almost ready to give up until I found your video

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