RTX 3080 102.8 MH/s ETH MINING Hashrate with OC

This card is Asus Tuf-RTX 3080-10G-Gaming. At stock hashes @ 87.05mh/s consuming 320Watts and just by doing -502 core we can see increase in hashes by 0.4mh/s with decrease in power consumption by 20Watts. So, don’t underestimate the power of core clock take it to -502 for lowering power consumption with increasing performance. This card can reach upto 102.8mh/s @ +1500 memory but that not recommended for long term mining. Ideal OC for long term mining with this card is –
core clock -502
mem. clock +1200
power limit 80% (consumes-256watts)
hashrate 100.2mh/s

card official specs –

Phoenix miner –

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  1. you talk about long term mining, go take HWINFO64 and go check GPU memory junction temp you be suprised how hot can be your vram

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