HUGE $285K GIVEAWAY & Argent Wallet AIRDROP, First Wallet On Eth Layer 2 ZKSync?

Step by Step Guide on how to setup and use argent wallet. Argent wallet is the first wallet on ETH layer 2 rollup ZKSync. Huge 285K prizes giveaway and a possible airdrop in the near future.

? Video Brief
Argent is self custody, censorship-resistant Defi wallet that is simple to use easy to set up use and provides the security of ethereum,
Argent on L2 is built on ZKsync, and as a result, users will be able to use dapps, to invest, swap tokens at a fraction of cost with a UI and UX that is very easy to manage or setup.
Argent is available as a mobile app for iOs or android users and one can download it for free and easily get started within minutes. Later in this guide, I will guide you step by step on how to do so and fund your account and use Dapps to invest and earn a yield on your tokens since the swap feature is not yet available on L2.

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  1. hello, I joined the argent giveaway with a mailem and created a wallet months ago, now I have changed my device, how do I install my old wallet on this device? Thanks

  2. Hi man, if I send some funds from zkSync to Argent wallet, do I have to pay some fees to send money back from Argent to zkSync?

  3. THANKS! I had already some ETH in the zksync L2, but wasn't able to move it to my argent wallet! Your video was very helpful! The zksync interface is not very user friendly!

  4. Do you think is still early to qualify for zksync airdrop? Still to early the development IMO. Im thinking YOLO

  5. Can't find the giveaway using the referral link provided. Has the giveaway ended now? (23/12/21)

  6. Hey bro, when i click on your referral link, it just goes straight to the argent website (not the page with the sweepstake on your video).
    So odd, could you please post it here?

  7. HEy I had 10USD in my ZKsync wallet and tried to send 5 to Ardent , Dint seem to work . See there are minimum on how much you send ?

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