DyDx – Flash Loan | DeFi

This video show how to do a basic flash loan using DyDx. Best part about using DyDx is that fee on loan is only 2 wei no matter how much you borrow!

Code 0:30
Test 5:42
Demo 6:47

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  1. omg, something i do rong ,just one error ,and now i lost my mind and i think i lost 2h ,doing,copy,understand the smart contract, i lost my work in solidity ,i dont understand ,sometimes the error,ok
    il got to tray again :((((((((((((

  2. I read in a forum that dydx discontinued SoloMargin, and therefore their ability to carry out flashloans . Is that true

  3. LOL why would i fund the contract with more than i want to borrow? point of flash loan borrowing is that i dont have the money that i want to borrow

  4. Bro, the money legos web sit doesn't work, and I saw several tutorials with it. Is it still actual?

  5. In order to learn about this subject I need coding and computer programming courses, any other courses that you guys recommend?

  6. I confused about the part fund amount = 2mil. Do we need to fund 2mil as collateral before can request 1mil flash loan?

  7. Hi Man! Thank you for the video.
    I have a problem, i have this this error "not found interfaces/dydx/ICallee.sol"

    I can't understand which is the problem. Can anyone help me?

  8. Great video! Thank you! How can I solve this issue? When I run npx truffle test –network mainnet_fork test/test-dydx-solo-margin.js, I get Error: Cannot find module '../core-js/promise'. What could be the problem?

  9. brother, do you read my mind, i was looking into their docs but it was so messy that I couldn't find any idea on it, thanks a lot, you are the only educator that I simply can't get enough of like sugar :), keep it up

  10. Thank you. I am still learning code and haven't been at this a while yet? However can I execute this at anytime? I want to practice but if it only works in certain spots for so long that wont help me/. Thanks

  11. Hi, excellent video as always, can you do a video on exploiding the mint function on projects? Thank you.

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