MM Finance – GAMEFI on Cronos Chain! | MM Arena

MM Finance – GAMEFI on Cronos Chain! | MM Arena

You’re probably asking yourself: What is MM Finance ($MMF)? How can MMF make me money with all types of gains? Is MM Finance pumping now?


MM Ecosystem playlist:

MM Finance (also known as MadMeerkat Finance) is a successful crypto project on’s Cronos blockchain. MMF has a proof of liquidity style DEX where a percentage of crypto trading fees form MMF/CRO liquidity. It also has a launchpad, an algorithmic coin, a yield optimizer, and much more is in the works! Currently Mad Meerkat is being rivaled with VVS finance, however MMF may beat it out soon; who knows. I talk more about it in the video.

MM Arena (aka Mad Meerkat Arena and MMA) is MM Finance’s GameFi / Metaverse project pending to be released in the MM Ecosystem on Cronos Chain! There’s a lot to be said about MMA. Mad Meerkat Arena will incorporate a lot of utility for the $MMF token, you’ll have to watch the video to find out! Always do your own research, and come to your own conclusions! I’m not a financial advisor, after all!

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  1. This project soon collapse… circulating supply silently increasing and trading volume decreasing…. artificial pumping to attract the investors….soon we will see mmf at 0.40$

  2. Got 100 bucks in mmf share lp left over in pure profit that I'm very bullish on. Cronos chain in general is such a hidden gem during the last few months especially. Love dark crypto eco system too

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