Solana Crypto Defi | Best Defi Yield Farms of Q3 2022 | Best Altcoins to Buy on SOL Q4 2022

The Crypto Bear Market of 2022 decimated many investors. This is the first ever Equities Bear Market in the history of Crypto, and so far, the 2022 Bear Market has been no different than the 2018 and the 2014 Bear Market.
One major difference in the 2022 Bear Market, is that we possess a much more sophisticated and mature Blockchain Crypto ecosystem. In Today’s video we’ll dive deep specifically to the Solana Crypto Defi Ecosystem. We’ll explore the Best Altcoins to buy on the Solana Blockchain ecosystem, and more importantly a Beginner-Friendly guide on how you can cultivate Advanced Defi Tactics to protect against downside in the Crypto Bear Market, while you’re collecting yield, and “god forbid” may even find hidden profits on Solana during the Crypto Bear Market of 2022.
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0:00-1:09 – Solana Crypto Defi in Q3 2022 Intro
1:09-1:56 – A hidden Bull Market on Solana Blockchain in October 2022
1:56-2:31 – Best Altcoins to Buy/Yield Farms on Solana Q3 2022 Intro
2:31-3:30 – 3 Main Rules to choose the best Defi Yield Farms in Crypto Bear Market Q4 2022
3:30-4:45 – Rule #1 in Crypto Defi Yield Farming: TVL (Total Value Locked) Explanation
4:45-5:19 – Rule #2 in Crypto Defi Yield Farming: Pair to Stablecoins in Crypto Bear Markets
5:19-6:13 – Rule #3 in Crypto Defi Yield Farming: APY that is worth it
6:13-9:15 – Solana Crypto Defi Q3 2022 Spreadsheet Basics
9:15-10:50 – Best Altcoins to buy in 2022 Q3, good watchlist for Q4 2022 on Solana Chain
10:50-15:49 – Yield Farming Strategy VS Buying Crypto in Crypto Bear Markets Graph
15:49-16:55 – Summary of Solana Crypto Defi in Q3 2022

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Disclaimer: All of my videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. My videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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  1. Great video me personally I chose the BLOCK/USDC farm which was not far from 160% APY. its allowed me to cushion a little during the bear market, I'm going back to it at the end of this month! Thanks AR7 ✔️
    BlockAsset 🔥🚀

  2. AR7 great stuff! Thanks for your hard work on this. $BLOCK token LP farm and Blockasset NFTs have been my life raft thru the bear market 🚀

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