Aave DeFi Tutorial | Earn Interest & Borrow Against Your Crypto!

Aave is a defi protocol that allows anyone to deposit crypto and earn interest as well as to borrow against your crypto! Aave is the most popular DeFi app in the world with over $19 billion of liquidity! This video is a full Aave tutorial that will show you how to deposit your assets into Aave to earn passive income, how to take out a loan by using your crypto as collateral, and how to stake Aave tokens within the protocol. Aave is available on the Ethereum mainnet as well as the Matic Polygon network which offers lower fees and quicker transactions. Comment below if you use or intend to use the Aave protocol!

How To Setup Metamask:

How To Setup Matic/Polygon Network on Metamask:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Aave Overview
3:54 Aave Lend Information
6:30 Aave Loans Explained
9:03 How To Lend On Aave
10:15 How To Stake Aave Tokens
11:04 Borrowing On Aave
12:35 Closing Summay

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  1. It’s like no matter how many hours I spend trying to understand the big pic to all this – my brain is like – nah

  2. Hey! First of all thx for this great video! I have a question, how does it work exactly when you want to payback what you borrowed?

  3. Thanks for the video. I just can't understand get why anyone would deposit USDC and then borrow 80% of it.
    When does it make sense?

  4. Great video mate. Thank you 🙏🏼 so there is a limited number of crypto you can use to “lend” and up to a 80% LVR that you can borrow and move to wherever you want. The risk is the cost of the borrow and you subsequent investment. Can you top up the collateral if the LVR is getting too high to your liking?

  5. new to crypto. imagine trying to figure this out coming from no background. this is not very explanatory for someone trying to figure this out. this stuff is complicated. i would like to get a loan against my crypto. i have already taken out a loan on blockfi , of course it was easy, but high interest.

  6. Loving the video!! I have an question: if you want to borrow with WBTC. Say at the time of me placing my BTC in the protocol, it costs 40k$ and before the year expires, it costs 80k$ — would give back the same dollar amount ( 1/2 BTC at the time ) or do you have to give back the same amount of BTC back despite the increase in value? Thanks again !!!

  7. Bro!!!!! More DeFi Tutorials!! Can’t get enough. I’ve of course heard of AAVE but Dam AAVE’s UI looks clean. Ima check it out fo sure. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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