Damn Vulnerable DEFI Side Entrance Exercise 4 Walkthrough and Solutions

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Hey guys!
This is the Fourth video in the Damn Vulnerable DEFI Walkthrough series!
Where we will solve every single smart contract hacking exercise in the famous CTF challenge Damn Vulnerable DEFI.
In today’s video, we will solve together the Fourth challenge which is the Side Entrance challenge.

We will see how to hack the Side Entrance smart contract step by step.

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Damn Vulnerable DEFI:



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00:00 Intro
00:45 Fourth Challenge: Side Entrance
01:30 Exercise Setup and JavaScript Code
02:05 Solidity Smart Contracts Code Overview
04:30 Side Entrance Solution
07:10 Implementing the Attack (Smart Contract)
13:00 The Javascript Exploitation
13:50 Completing the Challenge
14:06 Outro And Summary

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Johnny Time

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