The #1 Stablecoin Farms In A Bear Market! Full Defi Staking Guide + LUNA, AVAX & More

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A bear market doesn’t mean that you can’t earn passive income and farm to increase your exposure into long term holds. Today I break down my personal strategy

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0:00 – Intro –
0:58 – Tips For Farming In A Bear Market –
3:43 – Is UST & Anchor Safe?? –
5:48 – USN & My Strategy –
7:36 – Is GLP The #1 Alpha Move? ( –
12:15 – Increase Token Bag (#1 Strategy) –
14:14 – Final Thoughts On Bear Farming

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  1. Add $BLS to your bags right now…You will regret hearing about it and 30-100x gains in a few weeks/months.

  2. 3 days late to watch this video. Yeah… The UST is safe part didn't age well, eh. A little laugh is all that's left of it now.

  3. One thing is very sad:
    You guys did probably not even DYOR on luna…
    Cause if you did
    You would know that the whole protocol was programmed like a huge ponzi…
    The oracle price feeders where from luna and if anyone onchain uses a different price feeder with a different price than he got kicked out of the chain by consensus!?!?!?!?!
    You guys named it decentralized!!!!!
    Wtf are you DYOR'ing?
    And when the holders got liquidated on anchor protocol with fault of luna
    Luna bought up the SELF DEMAGED falsely grabbed collateral like a robber!!!
    And you guys did NOT DYOR by any means

  4. Stay strong young man. You wanted to help others but end the end, unpegging of UST was beyond your control or anyone

  5. Are you still bullish, make a video on Luna holding. Luna is a witch, FTM fanton, scary,. Booo, Abracadabra magic, Tomb AND SPIRIT, ALL dangerous lie, Take care have a chilled water and chill.

  6. i feel for you bro. hope u didn't lose much in that catastrophie and that u didn't borrow against your UST.

  7. Hei Thor! Håper det går bra med deg! Ser frem til videoen din om hvordan du overlevde Luna/ust crashed.

  8. damn… LUNA RIP… hope your ok man :(. I've made a few videos on some lower market cap stablecoin farms with just ust/usdt if you want to check them out. I moved out of UST a few weeks ago because I thought 20% apr was too high to be sustainable.

  9. Hey man! I hope your doing okay 👍. I think we can all come together by saying we are all getting railed by this black swan event. I'd really like your opinion on it!

  10. Staking sucks because of unstakng period locks upto 3 weeks in this market. Even with x100nAPYs you lose money with near, avax, . And Luna, thank God, I did not stake at anchor

  11. These stable coins are high risk look at what happened UST on Luna. And all the people that bought into UST and then staked it and borrowed against it. And the lost everything !!!

  12. My strategy is to take advantage of the great advantage pools in DeFi. For now, I prefer the CELO ecosystem. It has high potential and offers good returns.

  13. The video is wonderful 👍👍!!! Ooh, I can't wait for the KRRX token to take off to presale level and even more… btw has anybody heard that Kyrrex is going to attract a lot of investment in the project?

  14. The entire Terra Ecosystem is getting absolutely hammered. I bet Thor is getting killed. Degen investing is a bad idea for this reason. Today is awful.

  15. Great Content Brother !!! I would also tend to agee that UST and Luna are Going to Weather the Crypto Bear Market. More and More Crypto Ecosystems are Embracing Stablecoins not less. A Lot of Centralized Projects are not Fans of Luna and UST due to their Faithful Defi Ecosystem. My Money is on Do Kwan 😁

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