The passive income of #TIME Wonderland? Price Prediction – Defi 2.0 – Staking #wMemo

I am very excited today to share Wonderland #TIME with you which is a unique crypto project hoping to change the definition of a stablecoin by using a treasury to back up the value of each token.

Staking is one of the more attractive features for those looking into Wonderland. The project’s APY for staking has gone over 100,000%, and it is currently fluctuating around 81,000%. These numbers are extremely high. A $1,000 investment will become $900,000 if the APY and value of TIME #wMemo stay constant. However, it is extremely unlikely that both of these variables will hold steady for an entire year. TIME has already seen massive price changes since its launch in September 2021.

But if you are willing to take a risk on a token that could potentially offer a massive return on a long term investment, TIME #wMemo may be the token for you. At the end of this video you can consider adding this project to your Crypto portfolio.
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  1. You must feel stupid for calling wonderland a project of β€œimmense potential ”. Maybe this scandal will be the wake up call the crypto world needs?

  2. If buy backs don't happen tomorrow I'm calling wonderland a full out ponzi and I'm taking what little money I have left out of it and going somewhere else.

  3. Oh my god, you are 100 years late to the game hahahaha. It almost close to the end for DAO's and you are explaining how they work hahahhahahahah

  4. The rebases track the delution of time versus the wmemo price. The price of time will have to go down in relation to wmemo as per the apy. The price of wmemo is all that matters (and potential airdrops). The apy should be scrapped.

  5. At around 7:40 you mention that wMEMO is a better indicator on how the investment is growing. However, previously you could see increases in the amount of TIME but now the balance of wMEMO remains the same, even after each rebase – which gives the perception of no reward or benefit to having wMEMO

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