Chainlink (LINK) Analysis | Price Targets vs ETH, Cardano (ADA), XRP, Stellar (XLM), VeChain (VET)

In this Chainlink Analysis we look at relative prices of LINK vs ETH, Link vs ADA, Link vs XRP, Link vs XLM, and Link vs VET. We will check how relative performance developed over time, what are the potential support and resistance prices for Chainlink and we answer the question if you should buy Chainlink right now.

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—- Chapters —-

0:00 Chainlink Price Analysis Introduction
00:42 Chainlink Price in USD
01:37 Chainlink vs Ethereum
03:52 Chainlink vs Cardano
05:35 Chainlink vs Ripple
07:42 Chainlink vs Stellar
08:30 Chainlink vs VeChain
08:45 Should you buy Chainlink now?

This video’s style has been inspired by the channel of Benjamin Cowen -intothecryptoverse and by Steve’s Crypto Crew University.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  1. 6:20 so this distinction is valid when deciding between 2 cryptos not investing in the individual project itself? or market segment i.e. like sector rotation in the stock market?

  2. What do you think about recent elon musk tweet looking at the crypto with least energy consumption.
    Based on the rankings in the least consumption.
    1. XRP- .0079 kwh
    2. Dogecoin- .12
    3. ADA- .54
    4. XLM-
    What do you think is the best in the list to invest now? Or the 4 are very good. Thank you.

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