I'm earning over $8 per day with a CHEAP & QUIET Crypto Mining Rig!

I’m earning over $8 per day with a CHEAP & QUIET Crypto Mining Rig! What is this cryptocurrency miner I am using, what coins does it mine, and is it actually worth it to buy this mini mining rig and start mining right now?! Subscribe for passive income –

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Just to be clear and so you know, Ethereum does not plan to be mined much longer, make sure you understand that before you spend thousands of dollars potentially buying a dedicated Ethereum miner!

Once Ethereum moves to Proof of Stake, it will no longer be mineable. Ethereum is actually more profitable to mine than Bitcoin, and it’s been the most profitable coin to mine since ETH launched. Because of this switch from Proof of Work, many companies seem to be capitalizing on the absence Ethereum will leave in the mining space – most notably by releasing ETH and ETC miners. iPollo have recently released their v1 Mini miner series, and today we’ll look at the V1 Mini (WiFi version), which mines ETH. Amidst all this uncertainty in the mining space, is this miner a new GPU mining alternative? Let’s take a look at how to set up the V1 Mini, and what its hashrate is – and whether I’ll break even before the Ethereum merge completely destroys ETH mining!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This miner is profitable, quiet and cheap?
01:17 Features of iPollo V1 Mini
04:19 Setting up the iPollo V1 Mini
05:56 iPollo V1 Mini problems
06:32 iPollo V1 Mini profitability vs cost
09:11 Important steps while updating ASIC miners
12:56 Ethereum miners are in trouble!
14:40 Is the iPollo V1 Mini worth it?
16:01 How to purchase the iPollo V1 Mini

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  1. This service never fail I'm glad all the testimonies I hear about is true without doubt working 100% and don't get into trouble anymore,I really appreciate all the time I got everything you said it works as usually predicted

  2. Hello. I bought a v1 mini classic a few months ago and for some reason the miner has a white light blinking inside of it. What does that mean? The miner was working perfectly fine. Then this happened

  3. I'v e been seeing suggestions about the above name until I attempted him he's real and solid individual..

  4. Vosk can you please tell me the right mining computer for beginner,(bitcoin and kadena) and where to buy them???? pleae

  5. An excellent site for exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Link to the site in the description of this channel))

  6. 2700 usd for that miner? and you're (claiming) it makes up to 8 usd per day. and it uses 300 watts. not even worth the risk.

  7. Hey bud, do you live under a rock? $ETH is merging from PoW to PoS so you won't have to spend money on electrical boxes to yield $ everyday.

  8. Voskcoin I am so glad I did not buy the 2 kD6 I so wanted when they came out and that I had waited because by the time I would have gotten them there’s no way they ever would have covered the payment went from $6000 a month to $325. Wow saved by my accountant on that one 😂😂😎

  9. I'm just starting this mining thing and I'm finding it very interesting . Over the last 2 days I have read so much about it and watched a couple of your videos and other videos .. if never read so much in my life lol .. the biggest thing for me is the cost . I would love to own a rig and start mining properly but the cost is out of my league . I'm gonna look for another laptop and have 2 goin . For now thats the best I can do . I really enjoy your videos and I'm gonna keep watching thanx .

  10. Figure bending!

    300MH made over $8 for about 10 minutes in mid August, $7 is more like it.

    300watts is not "the power draw of one graphics card of the current generation" unless that GPU is a GDDR6x card and if you're mining on those you're an idiot, more money, more heat, less hash rate per $.
    Two 3070's or two 3060ti's or four 6600's don't draw 300w.

  11. You could buy more than one ETH with the money or a mini miner that will take a year to break even then another year to make the same amount of ETH you could have just brought. Assuming you can mine much after the merge at all.

  12. I’m not buying anymore miners after a couple of months after merge once reality on the profitability after eth is gone kick in

  13. Will only but into this after the merge and if ETC is even profitable. Plus they are still pricey tbh the prices must fall

  14. 5g RAM is reason not to buy iPollo anything. They know 8g or better is the norm but they scam people with 5g and from what I understand RAM is integrated not swappable.

  15. Bought an ipollo mini a month ago and I think it's great. It's quiet and doesn't use a lot of power. It does churn out a noticeable amount of heat, at least more so than Goldshell Box miners. Personally, I don't know what's going to happen with ETC price or price of miners…but that's every coin and miner out there. I like ETC because manufactures and mining pools are incentivized to spend millions to grow the ecosystem, which is a nice changeup from plebs hodling coins and praying it moons.

  16. Damn. You people are really stubborn and don't comprehend shit! He was loud and clear about the miner and what is probably going to happen. I watched this vid to get his take on etc and the hashrate. I understood just fine. Only thing that will cushion etc mining profitablity is if it pumps. A big pump. I actually have 2 on order and almost am debating canceling the order and taking the restock fee hit. I mean why would eth money on exchanges and brokerages go to etc? People buying don't give a F about mining. It's about the value of the asset. If most people start mining etc and the coin price stays flat at today's levels, oh man. That gold box will mine .50 a day. It's a gamble for sure. Yay to cancel order or nay let them ship? $ 2450 a piece shipped.

  17. You definitely didn't buy that rig… They gave you that! That profit is going to get slammed when eth mining ends and you will have talked people into purchasing a miner that makes negative

  18. Stop promoting this mining rigs…just sucks you said in some of your videos…mining sucks right now…they will be worthless after the merge👍

  19. I really am torn when it comes to mining, my main issues are elec cost and having the budget to buy otherwise I most likely would be mining, God damn it hnt I really was super hyped at a certain point hopefully they frick off and fix it

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