Loab: The disturbing AI generated woman that haunts the internet | Terrifying Internet Mysteries

In this video, I narrate and discuss a truly terrifying twitter thread by the user – Supercomposite. Loab, a ‘cryptid’ who haunts the latent space of an artificial intelligence system, was summoned in April and has continually been showing up in AI generated art since. If that isn’t haunting enough, the AI always seems to connect her to disturbing, gory, and macabre imagery, and no one knows why.


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  1. 12:04 BECAUSE Artificial intelligence is the simulation of LIBERTARD intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

  2. I worry that AI takes far too much influence from the internet- particularly Reddit. There is so much hatred and darkness on the net. Sure there’s cat videos but what about stories of morality and virtue? There isn’t very much of that going round is there? If AI learns from the internet it isn’t learning good things.

  3. it would be neat to apply Platonic reasoning to this….what is the essence of Loab? or ship of Theseus…how many characteristics can we take away and replace with some other image and still consider it Loab?

  4. I didn't look to much into it when it came out. I'm glad there's a video on it but It didn't get my attention too much since its just an ai image.

  5. Spelt backward (or right seeing this is a negative AI) it is Baol. Very close to Baal. Like the feminine darkness equivalent? Such creepy vibes..

  6. Okay I know it’s probably pure coincidence but… the moment I paused this video to look up images of Loab, my power went out 🥴
    Never doing that again

  7. I'd like to know how all these came to happen. I feel like it's a load of bull-
    Why is she called LOAB? Is all this replicable by other people?

  8. Well guess I'm going down a new rabbit hole! This doesn't seem like an ARG 🤔
    AI is truly a strange avenue of our reality but damn if it can produce horror content maybe we should let it write the next saw film.

  9. Yknow I don't agree with Elon Mucks on a whole lotta things but I gotta give it to him on this one. I can't trust an AI created by humans to have our best interests at heart, because mankind itself is so inconsistent on a person to person basis that it's not worth rolling the dice on seeing which influences it takes from us.

  10. You covered her! Really happy (and spooked a bit haha) to see that lol. Since Loab still hasn’t been covered too widely by many people yet, Its great to see you cover it.

    Awesome editing with this vid btw. I’ve really been seeing your editing and such improving with each video release and that’s amazing! 😄😄

  11. This one is really interesting and sounds really creepy but my take is a lot more mundane. I have been using AI art generators like Artbreeder for over a year now, and honestly I think that this is result of human input. What I mean is that AIs have a certain "style" that tends to pop up, showing certain features the more you crossbreed images from the same AI (think the signature feel of Artbreeder portaits). OP mentioned descendent images and crossbreeding the images with other images. So basically OP has been teaching the AI to show this character or the "feel" of this character in those circumstances.
    Yeah, I honestly think that's it, nothing mysterious, but it's non the less really interesting in terms of AI training and our relationship with AIs.
    Great video, gives me a lot to think about especially because I'm thinking of writing my thesis on AI art lmao

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